“The Lord takes pleasure in those who fear Him, in those who hope in His mercy” – PS 147:11

We are a nation that has lost its way.  Foreign policy is a disaster such that danger grows all around us – and our borders remain unsecured.  Those who draw business regulations are influenced by those who run the biggest businesses, leading to rampant…conflicts of interest.  Employment is down, wages are down, stocks are down, the energy industry is languishing, and Washington is run by a cartel dedicated to the interests of big business.
Our young people are ignorant: ignorant of their nation’s history, and thus the importance of the beliefs on which our nation was founded is lost on them.  Many, if not most, know more about pop-culture than anything historical before the 1990’s.

Where do we find hope in all of this?  As I travel from Freestone County to Travis County and everywhere in between, I have been blessed by those who will approach me with little more than a word of encouragement and a Scripture.  Whether a kind lady in Caldwell asking me to remember Ps 75:6-7, or a gentleman yesterday reminding me that we “are ambassadors”.  His reminder that, when surrounded by the mire and corrupt nature of politics, I am not of that darkness, but am an ambassador of Hope and of Life.

Our nation’s forefathers determined that there were certain “unalienable” rights, endowed by our Creator.  Our Constitution does not give those rights – it acknowledges them and protects from government infringement.  Good men, men with families, went to war and died to ensure the protection of these liberties for their posterity.  What will those who come after us find?  We are a nation that has violated most every aspect of its founding document – to the extent of allowing wicked men to try and ban references to our Creator from the public institutions of government and schools – that same Creator to whom we ascribe has endowed us with these liberties.

Let us not grow weary, but remain faithful in praying to God, appealing to His mercy and benevolence, asking that He raise up men of upright principle to guide our nation.  Pray that God will establish the righteous, raise up men of vision and principle, and remove those self-seeking individuals that would misguide and pervert our government.  Pray for our country, for her leaders, for her young people.  Pray that we as a nation would be reconciled to Him.  Pray for strength for the journey, for any endeavor of great purpose is not without great struggle.

Our nation has seen dark days in years past.  There were days where it seemed hope was not to be found.  Those days, long forgotten to us beyond the years of peace and prosperity.

America, may God shed His grace on thee –