Growing up in Groesbeck, Kaleb Sims learned the value of hard work and the importance of integrity from his father. Watching his father be active in the local church, and his involvement with youth activities impressed upon Kaleb the meaning of living out his faith, and by extension the importance of contributing to the broader community.

After graduating from Texas A&M University in 2000,  Kaleb and his wife Dori, a Physician Assistant, moved back to Groesbeck where Kaleb works with the family business, a metal fabrication and machining business founded by his father and uncle. They have two daughters with another child due in May.  Kaleb and Dori are members of Thornton Central Baptist Church where he has served as a deacon, an interim youth minister, and in other capacities where there is a need.

History and politics have interested Kaleb throughout his life. Following and discussing the political happenings around the world is a part of the daily routine at work and home. A firm conservative,  Kaleb was hopeful in 2010 when many Republicans, and specifically Tea Party candidates, were swept into power in the U.S. House of Representatives.  Unfortunately, too many of those who ran as conservatives have not voted as they campaigned. The current situation in Washington and the voting record of his own Representative deeply concerned Kaleb and Dori. Through much prayer and counsel they have decided that it is time to be the change they desire to see in government.

Passionate about justice and integrity, Kaleb believes that if our children are going to know liberty and live in a stronger, more robust nation than we inherited, then a change in leadership is necessary. His small business background gives him perspective, his faith in God gives him a moral imperative, and his children give him a passionate motivation.  Kaleb Sims is the leader to bring the necessary change with honesty and integrity.