accountability is coming to congressThere has been so little accountability in our government – specifically, the President has not been held accountable by the House, and members of the House have largely not been held accountable by we, the people.  That lack of accountability is changing!

The rise of the conservative movement has brought accountability into reach.  Even with republican majorities in the House and Senate, conservative voices are squashed, as far too many representatives campaign as conservatives and then join the Washington establishment; in doing so, they deny conservative voters true representation.

Accountability has begun.  A stark example is the 2014 primary when a relatively unknown David Brat handed a historic defeat to sitting House Majority Leader, Eric Cantor.  Cantor, a staunch Washington-establishment representative, had forgotten his constituents and depended on lobbyists’ backing to keep him in office.  The people rose up, saw through the charade, and called him into account.  The voters’ reward is that David Brat has represented his constituents more faithfully than his predecessor.

Accountability is within reach.  In Wisconsin CD-1, Paul Ryan is facing mounting pressure for his support of Obama’s agenda.  Likewise, in Texas Congressional District 17, Bill Flores is being called into account as well.  These Washington cartel members, solid supporters of the status quo, are being scrutinized for their votes supporting big government, big corporate, and generally anti-conservative agendas.  Whether salvaging the spending bill in 2014, supporting out right the spending bill in 2015, promoting gross overreach in the way of the Trans-Pacific Partnership, or generally failing to push the priorities of their constituents, Flores has consistently failed to deliver on crucial issues.

Accountability is needed.  Despite knowing his constituents require that tax funding of abortions through Planned Parenthood be stopped, that national security interests be the top priority in regard to refugees, that our borders be enforced, that Obamacare be repealed, and that out of control spending be reined in – despite knowing all these things, Bill Flores and the rest of the Washington establishment voted to fund Obama’s priorities without achieving one single initiative listed above.

Accountability is coming.  We can change course and find the path to a brighter future.  As President Reagan famously stated, “status quo” is Latin for “the mess we’re in” so it is for us today.  If we are to have liberty and prosperity, for ourselves and for those who come after, we must remove those who perpetuate the status quo.  It is time for accountability; it is time for change.  Join with me, get involved, contribute, and together we will fight to restore our government to we, the people.  Accountability is coming!