12 months ago, conservatives across our nation, and specifically here in Congressional District 17, faced a serious betrayal. In December of 2014, after conservatives had risen up and given the Republican Party a majority in both legislative chambers, they betrayed us. Led by a House Speaker that a majority of representatives voted for – including Bill Flores, the House passed a spending bill that funded every single issue republicans ran against in the last election. It also over spent by hundreds of billions of dollars. It passed a procedural vote – one vote being the difference – because Bill Flores sided with the Washington establishment as he often does.

When Boehner was Speaker, Flores voted to support him in each election, despite the fact that Boehner would betray conservative values consistently to deliver the legislation Obama required. Today, Flores has supported Paul Ryan, who like Boehner has embraced Democratic support to overrule conservative voices. We need representation that is principled in their conservatism – not just on campaign fliers. Bill Flores represents the Washington establishment – it is time we had someone represent us.

As a Christian and a conservative, I believe a government’s allegiance should be to the people, not special interests and lobbyists.  There is a long list of things our nation needs, and among them is leaders that believe fiscal responsibility should trump cronyism.  Get involved and let your voice be heard; let’s vote for a positive change.