sims-for-congress-fbSpecial interests are destroying our government

One of my chief concerns with Washington, D.C. politics is not only the amount of money involved, but the amount of outside money involved.  With Gallup polling Americans at 80% dissatisfaction with Congress, it seems our representatives are not listening to us.  If not us, then who?  In the words of Deep Throat, “follow the money”.

*All figures are sourced from as of February 28, 2016.


 More than 4 of 5 dollars Bill Flores raised in this campaign were from outside his home district.  
Those outside interests outweigh Flores’ constituents more than 4-to-1.  In-district contributions made up a paltry 14% of the total contributions.


Broken down into more detail, we can see Political Action Committees by area and individual contributions by area. 

Bill Flores brought in more than 50% more money from D.C. special interests alone than from his entire district!  Political Action Committees funded 57% of Flores’ campaign.  The C-level executives, presidents, vice-presidents, special-interest, and political action committees that largely fund Flores’ campaign will be expecting him to represent their interests.

These indicators are red flags for representation that is off the reservation.  No longer is Flores beholden to the voters of his home district, but subject to the demands of special interests outside his district.  This alone explains why he votes for Obama’s Trade Promotion Authority (TPA), expanding No Child Left Behind, and again increasing the debt with the omnibus spending bill.

Bill Flores is now a bona fide Washington cartel member.  He takes money from PAC’s to support their causes in D.C.  He then uses their money to get re-elected back home, misleading voters about the true nature of his votes.  Flores told his constituents that his vote for the omnibus bill did not fund Planned Parenthood (PP) and Obama’s Green Climate Fund (GCF), and told them how his vote for TPA was a “good conservative vote”.  All of these claims were false.  Flores has misled voters on the impact of not voting for the omnibus spending bill, as well.

I believe a Congressman owes the voters of his district the truth, unmolested and untarnished.  We can reclaim our country from D.C. corruption, but we cannot do it with politicians lining up at the lobbyists’ feed trough.

Together, let us send a voice to the nation’s capitol to speak out on values that are important to us.  Someone that will speak more on the House floor about national security than he does on campaign ads.  Someone that will fight for more responsible spending, not boasting in busting through spending caps.  When there is an honest possibility to push through our priorities, let us send a person to Washington that will fight that fight.  If our representative is pushing through priorities in D.C., they should be the priorities of of voters, of small business owners, of working men and women in our district – not corporations and lobbyists.

Disclosure: I have not taken nor solicited any PAC money.  The only money from outside the district I received was from a few family members, a very gracious friend, and the remainder were small donations.

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