Let’s change course for our nation. Let’s invest for a better tomorrow instead of mortgaging the future. Let’s seek to expand liberty and reduce government. Let’s seek justice for the least among us. Let us, together, seek to have leaders that are for the people and their posterity, not for special interests.

I am running for office because I want to see our nation prosper for my children’s sake. I believe that Liberty is too precious and the shackles of socialism too heavy to stand by and watch the nation I love be sold out to a bureaucracy that cares only to grow itself.

We the people have been deceived by politicians that advertise and market to their base while making decisions detrimental to the very same. I am a man of principle. I will represent the people of TX-17 to Washington D.C. with passion and fervor of a man who is beholden only to God and his fellow citizens.
Join with me and together we will take back our country.

God bless America!