Leadership: Kaleb Sims’ principles vs. Bill Flores’ record

Kaleb Sims’ principles: It bears repeating here that I am running for office because our current representation does not stand up for our values and principles; someone needs to be that voice on our behalf.  Leadership in the House of Representatives should begin with someone capable of expressing core values and principles that represent their constituency.  That person should not just be able to articulate those values, but express the worth and benefit of those values.  That person should make every effort, leverage every asset, explore every angle to put forward the interests of their constituency.  Leadership is exhibited by bringing together others to enact legislation that reflects the values and principles one was elected to represent.

Bill Flores’ record shows a repeating history of not representing his constituency.  Votes for the failed leadership of John Boehner.  Voting for bad fiscal policy, deferring to waste and increasing the debt.  Voting for Trade Promotion Authority on Trans-Pacific Partnership (ObamaTrade).  Voting to renew an overreaching No Child Left Behind with an even broader Every Student Succeeds.  Voting to fund Obama’s illegal amnesty, to continue accepting refugees that are unverifiable from a security standpoint, to fund Obama’s international climate agreement, to give funds to a Planned Parenthood that butchers children and sells the parts, and so on.  Flores’ answer to all of this is that we the people just don’t understand how things get done in Washington.  We do understand – how things are getting done in Washington is the problem.  Bill Flores’ idea of leadership, in his own words, is to “work with everybody” and “not create conflict”.  Go along to get along.
Go along to get along is actually the opposite of leadership – it is group think, it is being a sheep.  It is the essence of how organizations flounder and fail.  Why does Flores’ vote against his constituents so frequently?  Perhaps because the establishment demands it and his own stated philosophy requires that he not make waves.  Perhaps because the lobbyists demand it.  Regardless, after the fact Flores issues propaganda on why what Congress has done was the right thing to do.  Flores has it all backwards.  He should be convincing Congress why what we believe is the right thing to do instead of the opposite.  He is not representing us to Congress, he is representing the Washington cartel action in Congress to us.

We need a leader to represent our district and not allow the Washington cartel dictate how we are represented.  Our district’s voice ought not be subject to the whims of the likes of John Boehner or Paul Ryan – but under Flores, that is what we get.  Our future generations should not be saddled with an enormous debt – but with Flores, that is what he has voted for.  I commit to you that as your representative, I will stand fearlessly against the establishment and be the voice of the citizens.  That is how it is supposed to work, when a representative actually stands within that body and voices our values and principles.  I will fight for a more limited government, for responsible fiscal policy, for better national security, for the conservative ideals we desire to see represented in D.C.  Join with me and together we can make the representation of this district once again be for the people!