D.C. Insiders Fail Voters On National Security

The elitist of the Washington cartel often tell us how hard they are working to bolster national security. When it comes to our concerns of national security, the likes of Mitch McConnell, Paul Ryan, and Bill Flores really do not get it. They think rhetoric is enough. They believe that their tough talk should cover years of inaction. Our national security concerns persist while they wallow in the status quo.

At a time when Americans are concerned that terrorists are exploiting our visa program, Congress is expanding it. This last December, Congress voted to quadruple the number of H-2B visas issued by the federal government. This ignores the safety and economic concerns. Economically fewer and fewer Americans are participating in the work force as fewer jobs are available. For safety considerations, a K-1 (fiance) visa gave us 14 dead in San Bernardino. We need measures to mitigate real-world problems, and yet Congress is tone deaf to our concerns.

Our visa system is not the only exploit Congress is exacerbating – Obama is purposefully importing refugees from areas where hostiles seek to harm us. Congress fully funded these measures without specific vetting requirements. Government agencies have declared they cannot guarantee those being admitted are not with ISIS or other terrorist organizations. Congress continually fails to address our most prescient security concerns.

Our southern border remains porous. Our DPS officers are being stretched thin as they rotate down to the border to fill the hole. While it is the federal government’s constitutional purpose to provide for the common defense, they have fallen short in this respect. Flores, as chairman of RSC and advisor to the Speaker, has failed to make these concerns a priority.

Our nation’s security is also imperiled by reckless and irresponsible economic policy. Our federal debt is a serious threat to the future of our country. Congress’ answer to that threat? Eliminate borrowing limits and increase the deficit. Whoever Flores and the Washington cartel are representing, it is not us.

It is time for responsible governance. Governance as our nation’s founders envisioned; representation that exercise the authority entrusted to them to work for We the People. The status quo is a road to destruction – and yet Flores and the rest of Congress continue down that road. Five years ago, Flores went to Washington with a set of promises – today he is running on the same set of promises having failed to address voters’ concerns. The only difference is, in 2010 he was only going to be in office for three terms. After his election, it would only be four terms, and now he is non-committal on how long he will be in office. He is the career politician he originally ran against. We, the voters, need to make him a man of his word – a three term congressman.

I will be a voice of reason in Washington, a voice of principle, a voice of the people. We will protect our borders, we will be fiscally responsible, and the government will hear the voters. I will work to divest power back to the states and the people according to the Constitution. I will fight to keep the federal government out of local communities. I take our national security seriously and will be committed to filling the holes Flores and the rest of Congress have failed to address.

If we want Washington to be different, it will take different representation. Republican leadership is so weak the democrats determine what spending legislation passes – from a minority position. We need representation that will take a stand for the voters. No excuses. No more selling out to lobbyists or the big government cartel.

Join me, and together we can remove one Washington cartel member, and give the people a voice in the capitol.  I will fight for our national security needs, seeking real reform of our Homeland Security.  I will demand that we know who is coming into our country, whether as a refugee or on a visa.  I will fight to see our fiscal policy no longer threaten our national security.  Together, we can make our voice heard.  Support Kaleb Sims for Congress!