sims-for-congress-fbKaleb Sims’ Principles vs Bill Flores’ Record

Kaleb Sims position: Life begins at conception.  All persons deserve equal protection under the law and no one’s life should be selectively taken without due process.  The right to life, endowed to us by our Creator and acknowledged by our own Declaration of Independence, is the civil rights issue of our time.  There is a moral imperative that we fight for the rights of the least of us, those defenseless and without a voice.  I commit to hold this principle as a priority in my service to the people of Texas Congressional District 17.

Bill Flores has voted 100% on standalone pro-life bills that have zero probability of becoming law, but Flores pro-life stance is not as principled as his dedication to the Washington cartel and the lobbyists of D.C.  When a substantive effort was made to end federal funding of Planned Parenthood – the leading abortion provider in America – Flores joined with Paul Ryan and the Republican establishment in spurning the conservatives and embracing democrat priorities.  The omnibus spending legislation Flores voted for in December gave billions of dollars in democrat pork to buy their votes, specifically to do an end-around on the pro-life members in Congress.  It was a betrayal of conservative values and a betrayal of the tens of thousands of children slaughtered since his vote.

Flores will tout his pro-life voting record on standalone legislation, but he has never used the power of the purse to leverage that position.  Empty exercises are not standing on principle – they are marketing for campaign season.  Abortion of children is an atrocity, a blight on the conscience of our nation, and an abomination before their Creator.  We need representation that takes seriously the plight of children and seeks to protect their God given rights.  I will stand up to the establishment and work tirelessly for pro-life issues: whether ending federal funding of abortion providers or passing legislation that reinforces the 14th Amendment’s equal protection for all people.