sims-for-congress-fbAs I travel and campaign across Texas District 17, there is a consistent question that people ask me – Why?  The answer to this important question, and the fact that it resonates so strongly, is why many people have decided that they will be voting for Kaleb Sims this coming primary.  It is important to note that this decision was made with much soul searching on my part, for holding a public office is not something I have ever desired.  I am naturally reserved, happy to lead a quiet, unassuming life devoted to my God, my wife, and my children.  There are a number of thoughts and experiences that brought me to this place – I would like to share part of those with you.

There is a sincere desire in my heart for my children to know liberty.  I cannot count the number of ways I have seen liberty under assault in our country.  The forefathers of our nation, being wary of a government that would grant itself more and more power over its citizenry and erode their unalienable liberty, amended the Constitution with a Bill of Rights to limit that overreach.  Many of those amendments are being broken or ignored today.  The nation I love is fading into shadow, fundamentally transforming into that tyranny which our fathers and grandfathers fought valiantly to oppose just a few generations ago.  

I, like many people in US House District 17, was excited to see Bill Flores come on the scene in 2010.  Chet Edwards had held that seat through 10 terms, adding strength to the liberals of Washington, D.C.  Flores was advertised as a conservative’s conservative, a graduate of Texas A&M who espoused the values of God, family, and country.  Flores gave hope that we would finally have a conservative voice representing us in Washington.  However, despite a republican majority in the U.S. House – the status quo persisted.  But it was not until 2014 that I realized that Mr. Flores himself was not really fighting the status quo.  

I follow politics pretty closely, but I had never watched to see how my representative voted until I heard him speak.  It was one of the most disappointing speeches I have heard.  As Bill Flores made numerous claims of accomplishments, I sat there befuddled at what sounded like a fantasy.  Few if any of the goals on his platform had been realized.  His “achievements” were mostly show votes and/or meaningless changes (i.e. cutting the budget deficit by 0.4% was lauded as an achievement in 2015).  His claims that “we passed a balanced budget” were misleading – that bill, passed by the House, will never be passed by the Senate, and will never become law – there was no real achievement.  Those declarations were purely propaganda to pacify the public.  

As I started paying attention, I saw where Flores was a key vote in saving the current budget from defeat – perpetuating every program he campaigned against only one month prior in 2014.  That budget added another half trillion dollars to the deficit.  I saw him vote for one of the least conservative Republicans, John Boehner, to hold the powerful Speaker of the House post.  His support for Boehner persisted even as Boehner worked against conservatives to give Obama the budgets and legislation he asked for.  I saw him vote for TPA/TPP – one of Barack Obama’s signature achievements of 2015.  I watched him give a town hall lecture where he lauded 13 accomplishments for the US House in 2015, only 3 of which actually became law and one of those was Obama’s pet –TPA.  When challenged about not doing enough, Representative Flores has made it clear, that although the power of the purse is the tool delegated to Congress to maintain the checks and balances of federal power, he is unwilling to use that power entrusted to him to affect the change we elected him to make.  He backed away from his promises to his constituents, and embraced the establishment of D.C.  Additionally, the man we voted for 6 years ago, who campaigned against career politicians, and who promised to serve no more than 6 years is now breaking that promise, too.  He originally campaigned against career establishment politicians, but now represents that which we elected him to oppose.  

America needs to be renewed, but it will require new leadership for that to happen.  There is a need for our nation to change course so that those who come after us may enjoy the fruit of the tree of liberty – that tree watered by the blood of so many patriots who have gone before.  There is a proverb that states, “A society becomes great when old men plant trees in whose shade they will never sit.”  In contrast, too many of our leaders robbed the tree of liberty of its nutrients in order to benefit the lobbyists.  Too long have they diverted its water to bolster their own power.  The tree of liberty needs to be restored, but it will take leaders of true grit and integrity.  If our children are to know liberty, we the people must take action.  We must hold our representatives responsible to align their votes with their promises.  When we find them breaking promises, when we find them voting for interests other than those they represent, it is incumbent on us to ensure the integrity of our government.  For me, that means campaigning to replace a representative who has shown greater allegiance to the establishment and lobbyists than the conservative principles on which he was elected.

It is time for new leadership. A vote for Kaleb Sims is a vote for conservative values, not just in campaign print, but in meaningful votes cast and leadership supported.  It is a vote for balancing the budget – not just with show votes, but as a matter of principle.  It is a vote for small businesses and the individual American, a vote for smaller more accountable government, not the big government expansions and corporate welfare for which Flores has voted.  It is a time for change, so that we can send a truly conservative vote to Washington, D.C.

That is why I am running, and that is why I hope you will join me.  If we will ever have a government that is for the people, we will have to take action and we will have to demand change.  So I am asking for your support in bringing our values and principles to the nation’s capitol; I am asking for you to vote Kaleb Sims on March 1st.

God bless you all and God bless America!