“No taxation without representation” was a call by our forefathers for the government to allow them a voice if they are to be taxed.  Today we are sufficiently taxed and we are able to elect politicians – but are they representing us?  Despite a majority in the House and the Senate, over 90% of Republican voters disapprove of Congress’ job.  It seems a large portion of us do not feel represented.

“A government of the people, by the people, and for the people”, Abraham Lincoln’s eloquent capture of the quintessence of our democratic republic, is not being realized in our nation today.  Politicians tell us what we want to hear – spend millions convincing us that they are standing for our values – and go to Washington to represent interests other than our own.

The reason I am running for this office is I saw this pattern and realized our representative was not representing us.  Bill Flores has been kind enough in the last 12 months to come out of the Washington Cartel closet and show us very plainly that he indeed does not represent us.  His votes for cartel leadership, expansion of federal control of local schools, support for fast-tracking ObamaTrade (TPP), and his betrayal of all conservative values to openly support the most recent OMNIBUS spending legislation made clear he votes for someone other than his constituency.

Our voice could be heard.  The 17th Congressional district of Texas could have a vote for smaller government, for more responsible spending, and a voice to defend children against fetal homicide.  We could have a representative who stands for stronger state and local government, for a federal government that is true to the Constitution, and will speak out against the assault on our founding document.  There is one person in this election you can be certain will seek to uphold these values, stay true to principle, and stand firm on their truth when all of Washington rages against its virtue.  I will be that voice.  We can be represented – we can have positive change.